CraigyBoy Live every Saturday from 8pm

Craigyboy is a 31-year-old that has done many years in radio for many different stations. One thing Craig is really fussy about is the quality of the sound his show brings.

So we asked Craig about his past experiences and he said, “well I lasted one day at Hospital Radio, I am really hands on and I couldn’t cope with starting from the bottom, that is what you get for spending many years messing about with computers and radio equipment teaching yourself I suppose!”

The Big Saturday Night Show keeps you up to date with the latest music & charts in the first two hours. We get requests come in from the listeners by message or by using our online request feature.

We also host features like Disco Throwback, Reverse a Chorus, Record Of The Week & 7 Song Shuffle – More information on them are explained in the show or via the blog. Then we turn your attention to the ‘Saturday Night Rewind’, which throws us back to some great forgotten tracks of any year & any genre. This has proved to be a very popular hour of the show